Art will lead you make Happiness on your Life

      once you knew the power of Art,

you would be feel that 

" without Art how difficult... our life" 

Life with Art

Make Happiness on your life With Real Artist Art Works




Cecilia K Works are cosisted 2 kinds of Parts;




1 :  Art & Design Works : Painting , Sculputure, Video Art,

      Perforance (singing , poetry reading)

 ● Geekly Printing Works

      i will add original Brush and Oil Pastel and signed.

      It will takes at least  3-4weeks and Needs Shipping days 

 ● Order made Works

      Case by Case on size or Technique. 

      Interview  Communication around 3weeks.

      and Art work schedule around 2-3monthes.    

 ● Video Art  : Belong to Contract 

 ● Design Work  : Belong to Contract               

 ● About Cecilia Gallery Works 



2:   Artlosophy  : Self Design Study Program

      (Art and Philosophy Integration)

       Workshop: 2-3days

       Retreat : 3days etc    

       detailes  of Program visit to the link of artlosophy clic !


      If  you are interest to my art work or OEM 

      Lets Discuss or Meeting  in Contact mail    


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