Cecilia Kaoru Solo in Tokyo 2016 Arkness Art&Design Gallery

S.Cecilia Kaoru Artist

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2017 Exhibition Schedule


Feb:Solo Exhibition Gallery 華音留  in TOKYO  


March:Woman in Art , Art Hub Dubai in DUBAI UAE

May:Montclair Art Walk in New Jersey U.S.A. 

Sep to Nov : Biennale Venus

                    Anima Mundi in Venice  Italy 










Busan Museum International Art Festival by Michael Lam

Italy Venezia Biennale / Liquid Cuty International Art Exhibition


2017 Italy Architect Luca Cruci organized 

Liquid Group International Art Exhibition  in Venezia 

Sep to Nov 
















USA Montclair Art Walk Exhibition

Montclair Art Walk

Julian ESPINAL International Art Exhibition 

19th May - 

Japan 2017 First Solo Exhibition in TOKYO

Theme : Nature and Blessing


at Gallery 華音留 2/14-2/19

in Aug, will have Two Persons Exhibition same place.


Woman in Art Exhibition

Woman in Art
March 2017

at Art Hub Dubai   in March 2017 

in Dubai UAE 

Masterpiece of 2016

Solo Exhibition in Tokyo 

Arkness Art & Design Works Gallery in JUNE 2017

2017 New work